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Affiliate Program

Experience the best affiliate programs in the industry at our casino. We will maintain the trust and alliance with our affiliates and strive for mutual success.

Affiliate procedure

First, apply for an affiliate account, get an affiliate code and a free banner, and start advertising activities on your own site!


After registering an account, you can use various functions on the affiliate management screen.

Affiliate activities

We will promote the limited promotion being held on your own site and introduce you to the players.


The reward payment cycle for this program is every two weeks, so you can rest assured that your reward will arrive sooner.

About Us

WONDER CASINO affiliate team has an optimal system environment to bring out the best performance of all affiliates, and can collectively manage the registration status, activity status, rewards, etc. of players.

Program features

Optimized management system

A system equipped with various functions will lead affiliate advertising activities to further success.

Maximum ??% Revenue Share

Commission% increases according to achievements.

Continuity commission

As long as the introduced player is activated, the reward will be generated continuously semi-permanently.

Real-time statistics

Since various numbers are statistic in real time, it is possible to pursue marketing strategies and results based on various data.

Fast Payments

A wealth of payment services with quickness that won't keep you waiting and strong security enables you to pay with peace of mind.

Affiliate support

Experienced affiliate staff will do their utmost to build partnerships with each and every affiliate.


Commission% will change depending on your performance.


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Payment Methods

You can use your favorite payment method every time you withdraw your reward.